Wholesaling Marketing Headlines

These headlines are written by copywriters to put your marketing on auto-pilot!

As a real estate entrepreneur marketing your business, your headline is the first impression you make on your prospects and its value is very critical to your online conversion which directly affects your sales.

Here are all the real estate wholesale headlines you’ll ever want or need, organized into incredibly useful categories (way more useful than those other inferior lists) and written by people with direct, hands on experience in real estate marketing.

Good headlines captivate your prospects. And if you can’t secure the attention of your prospects, nothing else matters because you’d not be able to do business with them.

Never worry about headlines in your wholesaling marketing ever again…

The Headline is an important aspect of the content that you use to promote your real estate business and a lot of investors spend way too much time and energy trying to craft the perfect headline.

Shocker is that only a few of them succeed in creating headlines that grabs the attention of their prospects.

Why waste your time and mental energy trying to be creative looking for the perfect thing to write when everything has been done for you on a platter in this phenomenal headline stash.

  • Never worry about creating powerful headlines again
  • No more writer’s block in your marketing campaign

Headlines exactly when you need them

These headlines are strategically written attention-grabbing statements that are used in copywriting of wholesale real estate marketing for the sole purpose of engaging your prospects and selling to them effectively.

It’s a no brainer package for real estate enthusiasts and investors who have difficulty coming up with interesting headlines and content to captivate their prospects and hook them to their offer.

  • No more wondering “how am I going to introduce my real estate sales offer to my prospect?”
  • Good riddance to ineffective Facebook ad headlines and content

Written, Tested and Proven by professional copywriters

Every single one of these headlines were created by our professional copywriters with a combined experience of 16 years specializing in real estate marketing.

These headlines have been tested and proven to boost sales, brand awareness and online conversion in the real estate industry.

More than just your typical Headlines…

When it comes to the wholesaling industry, your marketing needs to be air tight and well-rounded from your landing page to your social media posts.

That’s why we’ve categorized the headlines into sections to reflect the multiple online marketing channels to reach your prospects including social media, web articles, landing pages, email subject lines, online ads, DMs and Text messaging.

Headline Sections

Text Messaging Openers

Did you know that over 90% of text messages are opened by the receiver? That’s why it’s one of my favorite ways to reach out to people for business. These text message openers are designed to start or continue the conversation with buyers or sellers.

They work exceptionally well for:

  • Confirmation if a seller wants to sell their property
  • Checking if a buyer is looking for more deals
  • Sending out deal information to buyers you’ve already been in contact with

It suffices to say we get a good percentage of deals sold with just a simple text to a buyer.

Sell-side Marketing Headlines

Are you looking for compelling words that gets attention and facilitates deal transactions?

These set of marketing headlines are quite promising and have the highest conversion rates in our wholesale and real estate business. They are multifaceted and can be used on any of your sell-side marketing material including emails and craigslist post titles.

The sell-side headlines are designed to create a feeling of urgency or scarcity in the buyer’s mind for motivation to take immediate action.

Social Media Posts

Do you ever wonder what to write to effectively reach the millions of prospects on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter who want to buy or sell properties?

These social media posts are carefully designed to attract help you attract leads and connect you with other professionals in your market. It is also works for:

  • Finding motivated real estate sellers
  • Building your cash buyers lists
  • Soliciting deals from wholesalers and real estate agents
  • Connecting with other real estate professionals like title companies and contractors
  • Finding “house hunters” who will send you deals for a small commission at closing.

Online Ads/Articles Headlines

One of the best ways of getting leads is by providing value first through content creation. It’s for this reason we have crafted value-packed headlines to get you started with the creation of engaging content that serves your customer base.

These headlines have powerful SEO value that complements your content to rank higher in search results, giving your website more authority in your industry and market. With these amazing headlines, you can:

  • Connect and easily impress buyers or sellers with your value content
  • Create successful online ads that sells
  • Increase your Google rankings for specified search results.

Direct Messaging Openers

Discover engaging openers you can use to message people directly on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. These openers are effective in sparking up a conversation with a potential cash buyer or motivated seller.

They especially work brilliantly when used in response to an investor posting about a deal that they’ve just closed or a seller mentioning they have a property they need to sell.


Are you trying to build your brand from scratch or maybe you just want to rebrand your real estate services?

These slogans are designed to help you create your brand identity in ways that resonate with real estate buyers and[ sellers. They work superbly as the tagline below your logo and can also be used as a signature statement at the bottom of emails you send out.

Capture people’s attention using these one-liners on social media posts or when doing paid advertising. Don’t overthink it. Just pick a tagline that fits your business goals and watch it work for you.

When it comes to wholesale real estate (or any kind of business for that matter), you need all the help you can garner to ensure you succeed and make huge profits.

Accompanying the 143 headlines, is our FULL STACK bonus content to help you become more successful in this wholesaling properties

Written By Professional Copywriters

143 Wholesaling Marketing Headlines

I went out and spent thousands on professional copywriters so you don't have to! These headlines are proven to boost sales and increase conversions

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My "Fool-Proof" Wholesaling Purchase And Sale Agreement

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Bonus #2

Cold Calling Tips And Strategies

Professional tips from our “rockstar” real estate closers on how to sell and buy properties over the phone. With it, you will be well equipped to overcome objections over the phone and turn a “no” to a “yes”.

Bonus #4

How To Virtually Wholesale Houses Step By Step

Discover how to carry out wholesale research, strategy and execution to find motivated sellers in virtual markets who are willing to sell at a wholesale price. You will also learn how to automate this process, so it works on autopilot and make more money from wholesaling.

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How To Wholesale 2+ Properties Per Month And Make A Six-Figure Income

This is a step by step guide to earning $10,000+ per month wholesaling houses with other people’s money. It contains all the tools and techniques you need to find cash buyers and motivated sellers and make most importantly, make the deal happen.

Bonus #5

The Wholesaling Blueprint Workbook

Get practical exercises and checklists you can engage in to get you started profitably in your real estate wholesaling business. It includes professional tips from a 7 figure real estate expert on how to build your own real estate business from scratch.

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